PTSD: 7 Reasons Why Suffering Veterans Aren’t Recieving Proper Help

1. Lack of Awareness– A portion of the general public are unaware of the disorder and the effect it has on people. The public needs to be further educated on the effects PTSD has on the brain and   the struggles veterans face on a daily basis while living with PTSD.

2. Lack of Desire– About 60 percent of veterans who suffer from PTSD do not seek help. This is due   to a variety of factors such as self-denile, embarrassed, pride, fear of being labeled, and fear of discussing the traumatic situation.

3. VA Hospitals– The VA hospitals are too understaffed to handle the influx of veterans seeking help, therefore leaving many with no where to turn to.

4. Flawed Compensation– The amount of compensation a veteran suffering from PTSD receives is determined by a VA accessor, assessing how impaired they are. They base it off the GAF or Global Assessment of Functioning Scale which is comprised of different percentages, each corresponding with different amounts of compensation. However, it is possible for a VA accessor to improperly diagnose a veteran, therefore depriving them of the proper help and compensation they need.

5. Time- With a large amount of veterans applying for compensation and seeking help from VA hospitals, it can take up to a couple years for a veteran to receive the proper treatment and to obtain any form of compensation.

6. Lack of Funding– Annually, 3.3 billion is devoted to PTSD treatment and medication. This amount is equivalent to only 1/10th the amount of funding that the president has requested for HIV/AIDS research for the year 2016.

7. Stigma– Since PTSD is a mental disorder, it can be seen as abnormal in the eye of the public, therefore the disorder doesn’t receive the amount of attention and treatment development it deserves.



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